Broken bottles on the floor
Cocaine dispersed out on the table
Needle punctured in her arm
As her mind remains unstable

Heroine flowing through her system
Her brain tripping out on shrooms
Her life is slipping away before her
From the things that she consumes

Unknowledgeable of the little girl
Peeking in from behind the door
And even if her daughter caught her eye
She wouldn’t even recognize her anymore

Her husband comes barging through the door
Says he’s taking their daughter and leaving her behind
Forges her signature on the divorce papers
Since she couldn’t see the lines

Unaware of what just happened
She grabs the bong and starts to inhale
Something’s gone terribly wrong with her
Her body slowly starts to fail

Reaches onto the nightstand
And pops in a few meds
A couple weeks later
Officials found her lying there dead.


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