To her

( This is the first stage of a poem that highlights society's passive-aggressive behavior towards the individual and the ingrained idea of feminine perfection)




i dressed you up in doll outfits

but it didn't pass with your red face and tantrums that

will honest to god

give you premature wrinkles if you don't shut up already

but you're just adorable in this dress


craft yourself until your fingers bleed

from the bits of paper maché thats been tossed at your head

you're so resourceful and individualized


your eyes are twinkling but your ribcage

looks like its going to burst under the

corset of roses and honeysuckles

you've been squished in

i'm glad you're sitting up and keeping good posture


your eyes are bloodshot with the strings

that they've been wrapped around with

who plays puppeteer with those eyes

can you see the truth now

you're so open-minded


i see the way your throat tenses

while you dictate prerecorded messages

becuse you can't speak for yourself

you're so talkative and friendly


your smile's chipping off

it looks like you're going to need another layer

the empty paint buckets in your room

need to be thrown out

you're fucking happy today what's with it


we got you some presents

here is a butterknife to dig through your skin

while beautiful women look down at you from their place

on the walls where they belong

and we also gave you words of encouragement

why are you crying


is that crusted blood or lipstick on your mouth

either ways it looks good

keep it


your skin concaves when i touch it

you're a living piece of propaganda

your breath is rank with the words of television

and beauty magazines

how can you live with yourself


you've got tattoos of barcode all over your body

you must feeling so fucking edgy

and with that expensive paste on your face

but you're about as authentic

as fucking movie piracy


i never told you to go down this route

you brought this all on yourself

what happened to your flesh and blood

i look into your eyes and it's like i'm seeing

Big Brother 

and that girl who's in all of your magainzes

with the bubble gum lips singing about fantasy and curvy hips


this isn't what i expected of you

im ashamed of what you've become


hey, everyone simply loves you

there's no reason to hate yourself so i am not


your disruptive behavior

your skin will fall off if you keep making such an ugly face



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