Beyond the horizon i might not ever know what lies

all the hours are minutes, because time with you always flies

You are always full of surprises as the tide slowly rises

one wave brushing the shore which always leaves me wanting more


Stranded with me yet never lost. rocks strewn around all covered in moss

Believe me if you will my feelings are true, anytime is cool as long as its with you

Water nearing closer more, it is you , the one, and only, that i adore

stealing every kiss from your lips, and giving them back when you are missed


Sun shinning through the clouds, living every moment in your heart’s sound

I see the beams glowing, dancing with the boats slowly flowing

Water at the soles of our feet, souls that were destined to meet

nothing out there can break my gaze, moments with you will always amaze


Two birds walking, after a day on that exact same water

The man leading, while the girl trailed behind

She stopped, but he kept on walking

noticing that she had ceased to pursue, he paused, turned around, and did exactly what I’d do to you…



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