For Her

Fri, 01/02/2015 - 12:18 -- sense

Let me break my bones of emotion,
And ink down my feelings on dis dazzling page of love,
To describe eloquently, saint from an above dove,
And express literally, the felony of her beauty potion.

Forget me not,is her days in white and green,
Where she gathers crowds in different joint,
Browsing,staring and even chattering in diverse viewpoint,
Acclaiming themselves to this adorable teen.

Her black skin,
Will make you kneel and appreciate,
Jealous ones will ask yourself,how come my 'she' depreciate,
Tremendously, you confess; to her my heart is keen.

Her eloquent voice,
Will bring you afar to a filmy mood,
How I wish she is mine in this family hood,
Alas, Arab man is her choice,.

Her perfect stunning stature,
Cum her intelligent sparkling eye,
Will never wanna make u say bye,
Because your whole mind is capture.

'Chicken' cares; this is my cypher,
Brilliant ,adorable,and lovely, such you are in all, is why all the stars had to fall,
To witness my sincere pledge ,for her....

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