Hepburn Rose

My life is like a Hepburn Rose.

Unknown and just as pink as innocence itself.

I never understood how life could go from easy to difficult.

I couldn’t take the purple bruising pain.

Nothing mattered and I waited for the darkest night to swallow me whole.

Take me away until I could not breathe any longer.


I woke up, the sun in my face, surrounded by friends:

Daylilies, peonies, daisies and sweet peas.

They were close to me and held me by my leaves.

With the wind, they whispered “you will be okay.”


I had to deal with the good and the evil before finding myself.

Being lied to, cheated, and suddenly afraid.

I didn’t want them around me.

The sweet scents faded away and all I saw was a dandelion.

The garden I had thought was safe.

I was surrounded by weeds in the end.

My stems grew weary and I became stone cold.


I have seen a glimpse of the world itself.

Now I know I can rely on only myself.

Never trust a yellow flower, for all we know, it could be a weed ready to suck your life out.

I have to go along this life journey on my own,

And to save myself from the pain.


I have to be alone.

It’s all I’ve ever needed.

Even the closest scents can make you hurt inside,

Try to change you with their harsh words and their assumptions of others.

I am who I am.

Delicate, and honest, and trying to complete myself.

But who am I really?

I am a Hepburn Rose, showing them I have beautiful lips through my words.

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