January 7, 1536

The woman I once loved has left the world on this day. Our marriage was a loving place for so long yet the one thing I desired of her had yet to come. Catherine was unable to produce an heir for me and regretfully I have been forced to split with my beloved Roman Church to pursue other marriage options. The public blames me but I had no control over her inabilities.


May 19, 1536

Somehow I have let my poor heart make political decisions for me. Rome is gone because a foolish girl tricked me into loving her and now all I have left are two daughters that have my whole, broken heart. Anne cheated on me after I pledged to her my entire being. She betrayed me in the worst way and broke all of her promises to deliver me a son. I love my dear Mary and Elizabeth but what will I do with no son of my own?


October 24, 1537

Jane. Jane is the one that I was waiting for all this time. Now all I can do is weep at the loss of my dear Jane. In childbirth of my son Edward she has perished. She was the only woman whom I have ever truly loved and now she is gone. I am afraid I will never marry again.




July 9, 1540

Four years have gone since my dearest Jane has passed away. I truly did not want to marry again. Sadly, I was convinced to marry Anne of Cleeves for the good of England. Had Anne of Cleeves not looked like a horse, I am confident she would have been a great wife and queen. I was unable to consummate the marriage and now she has consented to a divorce. I am quite glad that Anne and I have decided to be great friends and have awarded her many estates for her cooperation and friendship.


February 13, 1542

 I have once again fallen in love with the wrong girl. She was a vivacious and flirty girl who did not deserve the title of queen, thankfully she was never awarded it. She did not respect me at all and I fear she has committed adultery more than the one time she gets caught. I fell ill last year and that is when the snake started her affair. I sent her away for her safety and she repaid me in this way. How am I to trust anyone again? I am afraid my health is greatly deteriorating and all I want is someone to provide another son for me.


January 28, 1547

I am afraid this will be my last day on Earth. My health has grown to be so awful that I pray for relief. My waist has expanded a great amount since my youth and the ulcers on my leg have reached an excruciating amount of pain. The only relief I get is when I talk to my dear Katherine. I have enjoyed our marriage most of all these last few years. She is the only light, outside of my children, that I have left. I will love her for as long as I can but as the will to live dims I am afraid I don’t have much time left. 


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