Helpless to help you ...

I’m helpless to help you, 

Your face projects a pain I can not comprehend, 

I want to take your hurt and toss it into the ocean, 

Rip it from you and bury it deep where it can’t find you again. 


I’m helpless to help you, 

As I watch the waves of sadness crash into you, 

Caught in this storm of anguish and despair, 

I want to be your lighthouse, your beacon of hope. 


I’m helpless to help you, 

Your shipwrecked soul washed up on the empty beach, 

Castaway on a barren land with no hope, 

The horizon moves further away from you. 


I’m helpless to help you, 

Battered, your essence stripped bare, 

Sinking in the course sand as the tide rises around you, 

Winds of loss carry torrential, desperate agony towards you. 


I’m helpless to help you, 

Alas, you have weathered this storm alone, 

Strength of will, drawn from within, quells this tempest of pain, 

Standing tall you reach for the light as the clouds part and go on their way. 


By Lee Fox-Smith 30/05/15 

This poem is about: 
My family


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