Help them get better not worser

my day goes down slowly sadly

i love who i am, but others judge

they hating because the clothes i wear,

how i look, who i am as a person,

and most of all they hate me for being me

but do i care what they don't like me for

  No,because its me

its logical and intellegent to be yourself,

to not let anyone change who you were born be

because who you are inside is who your meant to be

and who they are inside is who they were meant to be

teach them to be themselves and stop trying to impress others

there hurting themselves so they need someone to take it out on

thats were you come in, don't let them hurt you,or therselves any longer,

show them what's right,

HELP THEM GET BETTER, then smile and enjoy the feeling!!;)

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My community
My country
Our world
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