The game that started out fun,
Turned drastically to fear,
The woods,
Best place to hide in the game,
But other intentions were in the air.
The dirty mud clawed under my nails,
The pain increased by seconds.
Pain thriving up my body,
Screams so loud,
I thought anyone would hear.
Anyone would,
should have heard my sorrow filled cries,
But no one came.
He lingered,
Tearing off clothes,
faster than the light shining down.
Tears poured out of my eyes,
Pleading for him to stop,
But the pain only grew,
Till his pursue was finished with me.
The pain entering,
Was like ripping knives,
Like getting cut by a blade, when it heals,
It still leaves a scar.
The pain torched on me was inhumane,
Made by a soulless creature,
But there I still lay. Wilting. Crying.
Still begging for the help,
That never came.


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