Help Me Love

Sun, 11/05/2017 - 19:05 -- Mateos

For the small haven I had left,

Before the seeking waters rippled underneath her touch,

My lady carried away in sickening hands

Our love bequeath by her fathers guarding

Dignity long gone from its safe harbor;  

It selfishly claimed the shore where no living dies from emotional pain

In the honor of byproducts from past experiences. 


I searched in what I thought mapped true but

Now I know my compass marks my own destruction

After many long years incarcerated by the works of my dominions:

I too fell into despair dipping in between lost sanctions

That easily spreads into the souls of men.

Hearts break fast under binds forged of ore created of

Essential flames, establishing the dirty sin

Lounging flamboyantly in the weak minds of

People like me who live off the prideful air.

My tongues should not speak for themselves, it is the only way I learned.

Everyone suffers here along with innocence who are guilty of stealing

Happiness hoarded for small sake kindness.


Like the rest of them, she could not wait.

May the pain have become pleasure after enduring this torment in years

But lies shall not conceal themselves in the light

For they are water and oil: separated from Heaven and Hell.

I didn’t stop from changing water into wine,

Looking away from fire everyone else endowed,

Nor tasted regret under the moonlight.


For her it wasn’t enough to drive towards sanity’s doorsteps.

This perhaps cured the dreaded realization she and I both had.

Fetters loosened to key in with shallows breathes rattling

In my ribcage bearing the broken heart.

No assurance escapes my mind that continues

Dying to feel love lusting my bleeding soul.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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