Hello to you population control

Hello to you population control agent,

Now that you have robbed me of my freedom,  you have cut me off from the society .

Nations fear you,  They lock away their citizens like dogs.  Mothers separated from their daughters, fathers sent to exile from their work place.  What a cruel world you have created .

 Now that you have provoked my thoughts . I would greatly ask you to separate the corruption of our greedy leaders in their hierarchy of command.  Dwell  upon their homestead, make them realise how the balance of life should be handled.  As you depart from the face of the earth , journey with them souls those  that inflict fear and panic upon others . Take also the population that objectifies women and children.

Delegate your agents to annihilate nations that subdues the subsidies of other nations in form of ideas, business  opportunities and educational breakthroughs.

Verily to my fellow scientists that are working on a cure, did you come to realise that some of the lives  you are fighting for are the same lives that are going to be stumbling blocks to your great inventions. Why help the minister of finance that does not know the duties of his own profession. Why help a president that calls upon air strikes to innocent nations with no harm at all to whatsoever danger you may think of.

Dear death eater if you could also wipe away the  mind sets  of the racist , take the fair share of those that segregate us , those that deprive the black human rights association.

These are just petty issues addressed , there are far much more issues that require the death of corrupt leaders . How can nations suffer for so long. These so called leaders cannot answer simple questions from the public , they cannot address vital solutions to vital complaints.


Death eater … take your fair share.


covid 19 journey well.




Dion Mangate  

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Our world
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Annette M Velasquez

Honest, revelant, raw and clear... You have described so eloquently the state of our world... The language here, the metaphors and imagery are excellent. This is a very high- caliber piece of writing, powerful and accurate. In one word- intense!

dion mangate

thank you so much @annette.

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