Hello Sister


"Hey there sister, my old best friend."

I sit here debating, hand trembling over send.

I hit delete for there is no use.

You've fallen prey to your own abuse.

What happened dear sister? What went wrong?

I looked up to you. You were so strong.

What drove you to this? Were things too rough?

Did you finally decide that you'd had enough?

You walk, hollow within your own shell.

It's not a secret, everyone can tell.

Why don't you get clean? Back to the old you?

Don't we get a say? We love you too!

Maybe tough love is what you need.

Maybe you will take the lead

In your own life to get things straight.

Find something to make you appreciate,

That life is worth living, every breath you take,

And your future is bright, the one that you make.



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