Hello Friend



Unsure where to go

So lay right here 

And let the darkness come back in 

I’m tired of trying 

Of giving my all 

When everything just seems to fall 

I thought i was better 

Maybe even progressing 

But then It all went down 

And now I’m just back to stressing 

I don’t know what to do anymore 

Not quite sure where to go

But now i finally figured out why they took their life on they’re own 

I’m not saying I’m suicidal so please don’t get that notion 

I’m just saying i understand why they choose internal sleep

Instead of having to deal with these bullshii things 

“Hello darkness my old friend”

I welcome you like you never left 

Don’t even have to start over again 

Pretty sure my systems already failing 

Almost positive i lost the weight i was supposed to be gaining 

Only difference is

I’m in the bed and not on the sofa instead

Only difference is I’m not quite sure how i got here again 

Buh either way i welcome like a friend 

So please come wrapped your arms around me 

Embrace me like we’re about to sin 

Your all i have left 

The only thing i see 

Hello darkness... my very old friend. 


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