Hello .. Dear Stranger

I don't know if you remember me but we met a while ago just down the road,I was walking up minding my own business when you passed by in your car (Quite fancy I must say).You rolled down your windows and gave me a whistle, I was annoyed and gave no attention at all,I thought you'd get the message and drive along but no - You didn't.

Simply because I couldn't just stare and not care.
 It's amazing how you can know what you need though you've never quite had it. How you can figure the moral of a story not told, Because you see,sometimes it takes but a peasant to recognize what the Smith does,in pure gold.
In you was the promise for better,and worst of all,I wasn't even feeling nor looking my best,but I had to get through to you,and now we're here.

We're Here only because I made the move - Not you.
I didn't like it,I didn't want to talk to you but you were just so ignorant to care - I don't care what it is you saw nor felt to desire,Why .. Why won't you just let me be ?!

Because of the much more that I want us to be. I mean how could I have gone on without allowing myself to uncover the potential I saw in thee.
I know you might think of me as the average folk, Because you've heard game so much that you feel used to me. But this is me with no charm and no defences,just like I feel your reception of me is supposed to be.

No - Don't you dare,
Don't you dare corner me with sweet words and charm your way in me.I can only wonder what potential you see - Saw in someone such as myself.
I am no average folk too,I take too much in and give out too little.
Too much is wrong with me - In me .. I am broken dear sir,I am broken.

I hear you my Empress,But aren't we all? Chinning up and straining to stand tall doesn't mean that we haven't taken our fair share of falls.
But what you don't see is that you're a dime that belongs outside the chest. A secret kept.
You're a rare flower that needs only watering. And perfection is the only line that your border on.
You're golden,and I see it. A kind that's chosen,all you have to do is believe it and be it.

You say you don't want to let me in,but I can sense your heart is open and your arms are bare. We can only know what this is supposed to be if we take the leap and pray that fate plays it fair. I'm as fragile as you are,if not a little more even. I've suffered loses and my past doesn't seem to wanna break even. Immature if love is the basis of judgement,but growth can only surface if you're willing to be the water and the light,when I put this seed in.

My heart is broken, Yes.
My arms are bare, Yes.
I long someone as yourself,
I long for passion,
I long to have warm arms around me,Soft hands to dance on me,Warm lips to tangle on mine,I long for love,compassion, list .. I long for a man to rubble me up.

I long for a man,
I need a man.
Make me a promise,Will you ..

As vividly potrayed my scars and neatly documented my flaws are,I still have some life in me. Allow me to share with you the best part of myself,and maybe show you what I think real love should be. Vows are easiest to make when you're this passionate and smh feelin under duress. The world can be yours if my words had the power to see it all manifest. The trees would swing in sync to how your soft hips move. The rocks still as the consistency of your kindness. The waterfalls would churn and whisper your majesty,my African Queen. But as much as I'm keen,to be the best of all those you've come across and seen,I can only realistically promise that I'll treasure you and show you the goddess within. All you gotta do is take the chance and let your soul let me in.

Believe it and let be it,
Believe it and let it be,Easier said then done. Oh dear sir,Why won't you let go .. Why ?!

I do not wish for you to know me - To see what it is I really am .. I am broken - I am.

Hello there,
I don't know if you remember me but we met a while ago .. I have a message for you.

Poetic dialogue :
Poetess Dee X Sleek

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Our world


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