Words can run across a page,

As butterflies may fly painting colors in the air,

As wind whispers and whips through your hair,

As the sunlight kisses faces,

Glazing grass in its morning do,

As your heart beats and sings louder than you,

Everything magnifies around you,

In a room you swear you hear an echo,

In a room full of people you’d swear everyone knew,

That in which you try to hide,

That in which is buried deep inside,

Yet your heart as a mind of it’s on and choses what it wants to,

As your mind conflict and attempts to rationalize you,

You want it to make sense and hope for receprecation,

But in the affection and appreciation you hope it isn’t fascination that your bound to,

A wanted love simply hoped for,

With a golden knob,

Hands unfit to touch the door,

Opened only to explore,

Don’t get too comfortable,

If only I could shout as in do in my head,

The valentine’s visions of pink and red love make me blue,

I find myself diving deeper in deeper in a love that is so new,

But I got to reach in and grab myself,

The building is very tall,

I’m afraid of height so I just can’t fall……..



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