A Heightened Sense of Life


What turns my gears and gets me going

Is the heightened sense I have of knowing

That life is as abundant as a fruitful tree.

This I know because I am intrigued by beauty, love, history and self-discovery.


Life is full of beauty, you see

Nature as a creation with its burning sun, twilight moon and multitude of trees.

The pictures that life paints when God made nature and man made structures meet

Are indescribable, unexplainable and impossible to beat.


Life’s beauty is not only found in nature, but also in love.

Love, which transcends all boundaries and sends our hearts on a high up above.

We experience this love by being vulnerable and letting our guards down,

But like a child learning to swim, we fear that in disappointment we will drown.


History has its own beauty of which I notice in a unique way.

The study of people’s pasts impacts me as I travel throughout my day.

There are things long ago that we can still today see,

Like the impact of slavery and poor race relations seen on modern day TV.


But what’s lovely, beautiful and awe-inspiring about history

Is the fact that today I can understand Cultural Pluralism in New York in the 1950’s

So that to me, it is not a mystery.

This is only because of the existence of this great entity I cherish, called history.


What intrigues me greatly of these things

Is the self-discovery that life’s journey brings.

From my college experience, I find who I am, what I want to see,

What attracts me and where I may one day be.


I find that while I am outgoing, I love my privacy.

I can hold my own alone, but I love company.

I recognize my physical beauty now and potential to make people smile,

As I become more aware that my dream of love will someday come true as he waits for me at the

End of the aisle.


What makes me think, what drives me and what I love

Is my heightened sense of life and what I am intrigued by: Beauty, love, history, self-discovery and

The almighty Creator, my Father, up above.




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