Heavens Rain #NoFilter

Heavens Rain
I do not know If my skin will ever be as clean as others seen
But i dream to let go of a constant stream.. 
Aesthetic symmetry floods me 
And causes my eyes to bleed 
Then tears must squeeze by to revolt and release.. 
May i please.. 
Be allowed to shrink down
To proximity of my own self imagery 
He replies no! 
You must stop and believe...
Was that me? 
Or something beneath?
This skin bruised and abused 
A child hardly for use..
Yet a man saw my skin and it called him to sin! 
Can i blame him for scenes
He carried out in his dreams?
Innocence became prey and the rest something gray 
And hazy
Then crazy... 
show me lord!!
I am More 
Than that flesh broken gore
A little piece of spirit herein
Draws me near.. In
From the corner of a room 
sunken down and confused 
The floorboards underneath
Cradled her body beneath..
 little cracks in this porcelain figure 
Outside the leaves felt a shudder 
Then came a piece of skin down 
As shattered glass met the ground  
First one done 
Then Another 
And another..
Outside rain heavily poured
Significant of the fathers metaphor 
You are more 
You are more
Then that skin that your in!
Not even only sin....that you ve worn through the years 
Painted in fear 
Your brush not to blame but his name in your flames.."
So as i let my Grace precipitate 
So heavy it becomes 
And it falls on the just and unjust 
In the same..
This cannot change. 
So ill watch as your flames wither to a simmer 
therein smoke lies the 
and the pain.. 
And a 
Soft golden frame
The body once only shamed  
Now bears light in my name! 
Heavens rain. 
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