Heaven's Hell

Sat, 07/04/2015 - 01:40 -- Loi-Boy
I'm a young man
in the middle of the ocean,
having a one nIght stand 
with my unimportant notions. 
Tonight is captain's dinner
and I've suited quite well,
others too; out and inner.
I suspense it's heaven's hell. 
Ladies in jewels; men in metals,
they make the nights eery, 
not ghouls nor devils.
Malicious talk, to me, evidently
hides amongst the voices. 
Like a snake in the jungle; 
waiting for a victim to poison. 
I do not think twice 
to admire the well-lit sky. 
Souls or stars? God or Why?
Humanity's indifference
is the wise-man's cry. 


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