Heaven's Fall


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Heaven's Fall

You're driving home,
darkness close behind,
this sleazy solace
so painfully unkind.

It's cold in your apartment,
but you don't really care,
pop a couple of pills;
is your mind all there?

Did you think of what I said
before you fled with appall?
Looking in the rearview
back at Heaven's Fall.

There are no bad men here;
they've retreated into the dark,
tried to gun you down,
but they missed their mark.

Now I'm sitting here all alone
with the mellow jazz, neon signs,
that stage so solitary -
a reminder of the old times.

We danced till the morning light,
never-ending laughter and booze,
now there is no life in these walls...
we've lost everything there is to lose.

I walk to your cold dressing room,
there's a warm picture on the wall,
I can't help but smile...
our troubles used to be so small.

Come back my darling baby,
this is where we atone.
I will be your fighting angel...
if you just answer your phone.

These ghosts of the past,
spirits burn like fire;
no more glass after glass -
I drowned that desire.

Headlights through the window,
footsteps in the rain.
Here, I got the door...
let me deal with your pain.

Wipe away your tears,
time to stand from the squall.
Drop the money and drugs,
forever Heaven's Fall.



Cool. Like the message, the whole dosn't rihme together, but it is quite long to do it. so, nice.


Thank you for your feedback Derek! I'm glad you enjoyed Heaven's Fall.

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