Heavenly Bodies

Dear Mother,

Love and hate are cut from the same cloth.

You provide for me the key,

to unlock the Pandora box of your feelings.

Feeling is knowing, and I'm obviously seeing,

right now, the anger streaks your eyes.

The eye of this storm is nowhere to be seen.

We've been here.

So many times.

Going full circle,

The world,

Our world, tilts on its small axis.

You tell me:

“It doesn't revolve around you”

I say, “you may be my mother but you’re not my earth”

Earth embodies minerals.

I came from the core,

Yet I pollute You,

With my hazardous words

And toxic touch.



If I start to recycle

Will you go back to being green?

If I start to reduce the spit fire of this tongue,

Will this silver ocean

Turn back to dark brown

If I start to,

Go back to the tunes of all love,

Sing you songs of praise,

Respond when you ask about my day

Will those cracked corners at the sides of your eyes

Go back to being full of rich water and minerals?



You help me to whether all my storms even in my acid rain.



Go away.
Even so, the pain comes another  day.



“Go away!”

I know you want our pain to go away.

Soon my showers

Will want to create flowers.

I will plant the seed of love back into your ground.

Monsoon season has long passed.

In its absence, a softer rain


Allowing our love to grow.


Mother ,

May I rest my head head on your bent shoulder?

As I now see how you soldier on

Throughout each and every day

Fighting a war inside and out

Mother may I?.



Your Daughter


This poem is about: 
My family


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