In Heaven, Color Does Not Matter

In Heaven, color does not matter; There, there is no money, no color, No hypocrisy, no quandary, no beauty, No nepotism, no size and no celebrity. On earth inequality reigns, When it pours, it rains, When it rains, it pours; Different weather patternsWarrant different types of doorsAnd different types of lanterns. In Heaven, these are not necessary, The temperature varies very often, Every holy minute and divine second, Keeping counts will be silly and crazy. Believe me, there is no limousineFor earthly and mundane stars; Everything under the screenShall become dust, including fancy cars. In Heaven, color does not matter, There, everybody is equal; There is no king, no corporal, No corrupt judge and no criminal lawyer. In Heaven, one single iota matters: the soul, Which always flies like a wingless writer.Spirit has no color, no smell, No shape, no life and no propeller. Hebert Logerie,  2013

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



I wish there were something this beautiful, 

something in exchange for an evil devil

something to show only love and moral

something to look forward to in the word of a bible

something to have hope in when the world has turned to rubble

something that can only be described as peaceful

but thats the thing, there isn't, there can't be

because how are we to know what happy is 

when we can't feel sad?

How can we be happy when we don't have the sad memories from the life we once lived?

how are we to feel happy, when we can't feel glad?

we can't, because every positive feeling we have comes from something negative

and every positive emotion can easily be described as happiness

I see everything in the book you call a bible but a myth

because nothing, including heaven, is flawless

(this is NOT to push beliefs onto people)

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