South Africa

Souls are meant to be taken, meant to be broken
Hearts are meant to be stolen, meant to be shattered
We all are meant to be here broken, beaten and misunderstood
All of our hearts are meant to be tainted, stepped on and thrown away
We are back stabbed, forgotten and discriminated against
I'm sorry, I left you alone, I just did what you said
You broke my heart then I fled
Like the coward I am I left I my fearing heart behind
Then you left it in your pocket only to break it later
I kno its not your fault... Life goes on I
lose hope, dying more and more inside
You won't see it on my outside
My fake smile fools your perfectly
You will never see my tears, I hide them effectively
I'm loosing my personality
Faster faster my pain arises
A risen from death I am a zombie ready to die
Again I feel completely isolated fully toxicatted
Even murdered...


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