Hearts of stained glass

Hearts Of Stained Glass

Everyone's heart is made of stained glass

Each a different color

Some of green some of yellow held together by strips of lead

But colors not what matters

What matters is that one wrong move can shatter said heart forever

no said lead can fix the heart for it has been beat and battered

The color fades from red to grey and life no longer flourishes

The bits of heart change glass to dust

And the brain is made from brass

The dust is formed into acid , which turns the brain all flaccid

Dissolving the brass into nothing but gas

Leaving nothing other than a big black cloud

This big black cloud is called depression

Some say it’s a stage , some say it’s a lesson

I say it’s an epidemic that’s needs some good attention.

Mental illness is only growing.

We can fight it head on or we can keep rowing.

Rowing down the river , no destination in mind. Stopping every now then to make sure the passengers are fine.

If they say they are sick you throw them overboard.

After all your job as captain is to make sure all can oar.

Every heart is made of stained glass

Some shine beautiful other crack.

Those who crack are not broken

Those who shine have not spoken

Every heart is made of stained glass

Treat it as if it’s your last


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Our world


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