You gave me a standard 

Told me,  sternly "never sway from it"

This was the ⚓anchor,  all that mattered. 


Mighty was the 3ness t...that loved me

I was a witness of such love

I tried not to sway, my flesh brawled with me.  


I was rescued 

I had the chance to start again

It was painful to, I wanted the prize. 


Each day,  I kept to the rise  

Woke myself to the reality of a price  

To myself, I was fierce, fierce as dice. 


That flesh will not get in my way 

I sacrificed my pain and desire all day, everyday 

Daily, this,  was my way.


I took a dose of "you can start again, right here"

I wore an esteem of "I am with you till the end of time"

I stepped into the "Vehicle of Standard" .


With total determination and new dimension 

I let Him all day, everyday, like that

Take me where He would.


Everyday it was a new journey 

different stops and freshly found destination

I loved this adventure, causing me to melt, glow and grow.


Like tilling the ground and planting me with a hoe 

I watched me germinate 

I am beautiful, a new in a new way.


Fresh from the vine to manifest

I am drunk 

In the feast of MAJESTY AND GLORY. 


I will set up a banner 

That will call others, draw them all in, to partake.

To taste what I do, may be not how I do love to.  

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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