Hearts on Fire

I encourage the writing of love-

I do not deny this,

but to be perfectly clear with you

it is my opinion that some love stories

shouldn't exist.


The stories of the extremely fragile soul

finally meeting the one person 

who would set them free. 

They love each other so much 

they see no flaw in each other.


The stories of two lost people

in their own life struggles,

Yet they find comfort in each other

and they solve their struggles together

as if they were never there.


The polar opposites meet.

They clash and fight the constant pull they feel,

but in the end they let the force pull them close.

Touching so deeply and intimately

the friction of their souls set ablaze.


The stories of meeting by chance.

A brush of a hand.

The holding open of a door.

A simple 'Hello,'

and a love is suddenly born.


I would hate to see stories like this go

and with them the hope of a once in a lifetime

true love.

But I would love to never hear another.

To save myself the pain of my lacking.


Maybe I'm just bitter.

Or maybe such stories are the falsehoods of lost dreams.

The captured fulfillment of our late night emotions.

Maybe some love stories are just that.

Something written to make you feel hope

for what isn't and will never be.


I lived one of those love stories once.

I felt the infinite gaze of his half making me whole.

I saw it slipping away even while it just began,

because what they seem to leave out in all love stories

is that they end.


And while mine did so end,

Maybe it was special because of just that.

A glimpse of our lives seen by the other.

An extraterrestrial touch of ones soul.

The love story is over yes,

but the mark on my heart is

forever proof of its flame.

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