A Heart's Confession


United States
33° 47' 50.0604" N, 84° 1' 38.3412" W

Could you please pay closer attention to me
You know, I matter too
According to text I was simply placed here to pump blood through your veins
Keeping your body afoot, but
Text isn’t providing you with all of the evidence
And although it is quite evident that she has a struggle, and he is unaware of his next step
I am hurt
I am hurting
WE are hurting
So stop ignoring me
Leaving me to listen to the echoes of my on cries deep within this hallow cage
You hear my rhythmic sigh, acknowledging it as something that is occurring spontaneously
When in all honesty, I am in dire need of your attention
Somehow you see clear to jump to the rescue of others as if you wore a chiseled W upon your chest
But it only seems fit for you to stand idle in regards to my well being even when the pressure I bare causes me to become a heavy rock within your soul in need of chipping until I become a shining crystal of happiness you deserve.
I crave the experience
The feeling of the exact same care those people receive standing opposite of you
You’re their shoulder to lean on, making them smile with so much ease
They see you as the light to bask in when feeling clammy and cold with their worries, hardships
A life saver you are with a heart of platinum
On stand by, waiting to perform CPR
Enabling them to exhale and release the sorrow they were lying there choked up with
Yet and still, I take delivery of none of it
Despite the simple fact that WE are hurting
I am hurting
I am hurt



This poem is basically expression of feelings from my hear to myself

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