Heartbreak Story

Once a young girl,

So wild and free.

Not a care in the world,

And happy as could be.


Her heart on her sleeve,

So real and so true.

Had never felt heartbreak,

Had never been blue.


Her dreams came true,

In the form of a prince.

She never questioned his motives,

She never noticed the hints.


She gave him her everything,

Body, heart, and soul.

He was all that she wanted,

He made her whole.


She was honest and free,

And breakable and weak.

But she trusted him to stay,

It was his love that she seeked.


But in her weakest moment,

Her one time of need,

He abandoned her heart,

And left it there to bleed.


He stood on the sidelines,

And watched her fall apart.

And sometimes even took the time,

To mock her broken heart.


Time heals all wounds,

Thats what they always say..

But they never mention the scars,

The heart thats stone cold and gray.


And so that little girl,

Once so wild and free..

Promised the world,

Herself, she would never be.


That real, raw

And breakable soul,

Became caloused and fake,

And mean and cold..


She hides behind a curtain,

That girl of the past,

Afraid of heartbreak,

Forever hidden behind a mask.










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