I never got what heartbreak was

Apparently it was sad and hard
I didn't understand this elusive thing till I went through it
You feel as if your whole world is shattered
Yet the moon still comes out, the stars still shine, and the birds sing their sweet song
That's when the loneliness comes in
The sinking feeling 
No one sees you drown in your own demons
They don't see the tears flooding your eyes
Or the river flow down your cheeks
All the silent screams for help
Even if it was from a stranger
Your pain swallows you 
Numbness, all you feel is numb
At first you can be upset, maybe even angry
That's when the numbness begins to soothe your bones and silence your heart
You're barely functioning
Only on autopilot do you survive
All because your heart was broken
And no one understands why
This poem is about: 
Our world


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