Fri, 05/31/2013 - 15:45 -- Aveda.S


United States
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My heart's distraught from the things I've said
My memory is my worst enemy when I'm laying in bed
All I have are memories and thoughts of us
Things that was to things that could be
They asked me my serious relationship
I hide the shame in my face cause it turned to shit
I told you I'm sorry for the things I said
But sorry just isn't enough to fix what I did
Bout to leave soon so i guess I'm erased
From your mind and your phone
Like I was never in this place
Real feelings I never really had
I was always the one being chased at
But with us we're chasing each other
I hope you forgive me before I leave
We should make amends at least for the future
I promise to keep my thoughts in my book
And if I'm famous I won't think twice bout you
Never knew what i was thinking when i talked to her
Even though you told me not to I still said a word
Every time I think of how mad you are
The pain gets more and more severe in my heart in my heart
Don't want to cry but I'll lie and say i wont
Laying on these sheets thinking of how our love started neat
But your love i mistreat
And for the first my feeling went deep
Don't blame you if you hate me cause I would too
I don't know where we stand now
But if it's over I'm not gonna get over you
Cause to be honest you would be my first heartbreak


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