By: Malaika LeAnne Uding


Sitting on the porch under a starless night,

wishing YOU were holding me tight.

The look in your eyes when you said goodbye,

will stay and haunt me through the night.

Sometimes I dream we're still together,

but you say this is for the better.

I can't see it now, I won't see it then,

so in my heart I'll just play pretend.

Back to the time when you picked me up,

kissed all my bruises,

and brushed me off.

You said 'I don't care if your battered and torn,

your my rose and I'll cut off your thorns'.

Now they'll never be gone but you showed me how,

a little love could help me out..

God has a plan big or small,

and I know somehow we'll get through it all.

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