The Heartbeat of a Pen That Kissed Paper

Magnitudes where I feel compelled to describe with poignant elements,

This facade my mind pocesses.

This moment, this era, this enterprise. 

A beauty that cannot be exhilerated. 

Inspiration flooding to me in all ways. 

It's the feeling I get when pen touches paper, 

the satin touch finish and the chrome hinted flavor. 

The way the keys click with every stroke,

and the effortlessness that takes place.

The way my thoughts quickly swirled in my head

soon became ever so enticing 

my only escape from reality

is the muse of my journal. 

Whispering sweet nothings upon my ear when ink the ink kissed the paper.


Lydia Pandorf

Nice poem! 


I get it. You speak creativity.

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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