The Heart You Broke

The Heart You Broke

Just imagine if you were carrying the heart that you broke

Looking through red watery eyes, coughing on lies

How would you get over me?

Every time you try to forget me my face pops in and gives you a poke

Imagine if you were carrying the heart that you broke

Can’t eat or sleep

The thoughts you have contains roots that run so deep

Forget make-up, you can’t even put a smile up

5 miles past empty but still trying to go on

You would have to get your Denzel Washington on,

Stand up and perform

Do you have that strength?

Probably not even tenth

Sit and think about carrying the heart that you broke

And pay attention as I walk away

You’re going to need the endurance of this nature one day

It’s going to be a joint too powerful to inhale and smoke

You would flat line in the heart that you broke_____________________________




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