Heart vs Mind

My mind is sense, it keeps me safe.

My heart is passion, it beats it breaks.

My mind and heart are always challenged

My heart and mind are never balanced.


My mind “thinks” and “ticks” and makes its lists

My heart “skips” and “leaps” into oceans deep.

My mind says, “You need to work and make money.”

My heart says, “Do what makes you happy.”

My mind weighs pros and cons

My heart sprints at the sound of a gong.

My mind and heart always wrestle

My heart and mind never settle


My heart wants love, my mind needs reason.

Until, that is, there was a turn in season.


Now my mind yearns for adoration

But now my heart rejects affection

Now my mind believes in justice and truth

But now my heart only sees the end of youth

Finally, my mind sees the good

But now my heart is misunderstood.

My mind and heart never agree

My heart and mind will never see.


My mind is sense, it keeps me safe.

My heart is passion it beats and breaks. 


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