Heart Song (A Dedication) By Arcade.Soul

There is a collection of souls that dance to the drums of heart beats

These heart beats belong to the slain, to the bodies they once called home 

The sky will weep for you, washing away the blood in the streets

Carried out as sacrifices for the sake of hate

This earth will mourn for you

The roots will grow deeper for you 

The sky will seem darker at night for the ones you love and that love you in return

But in the morning, the sun will appear brighter and memories will become vivid 

The wind will grow stronger and carry with it, the sediments of your existence

Worry not, for the ones you've left, for time has a way of healing 

Our souls have a way of feeling

I cried while writing this, so my tears cover these words, they soak the syntax  

My heart is heavy, but my soul is light, knowing that yours have taken flight

We won’t be able to tell your stories, but we will stand under your light 

We will smile under your presence 

We will walk and live in the rhythm of your heart beats

We will forever feel your PULSE

This poem is about: 
My country


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