Heart of the Ocean


I stand on the beach,

The sand between my toes,

The salty breeze through my hair,

Where does my time go?

I sit to watch the crashing waves,

In and out, in and out,

Then I jump up,

Where does my time go?

I run to the lovely waters,

The cold water runs through me,

Salt water in my eyes,

Where does my time go?

I lose control to the unforgiving ocean,

I yelp for help but..

It's to late for me

Where did my time go?

I'm sucked under thrashing frantically,

The salt water begins to fill my lungs,

All I can think about are my loved ones,

Where did my time go?

My breathing stops,

My eyes slowly close shut,

My heart gives in,

Where did all that wasted time go?

The sea has won,

Even though there was no fight to win,

As I fall to the bottom to my new home,

I realize my time is up..


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