The Heart That I Know

I wandered far away from you
And I'm lost like a sheep that strayed from the fold
Now I long for the heart that I know
Your love is so tender and warm
Darling, forgive me and take me back
And let me feel your heartbeat
Let me feel your embrace once again

Your heart is kind and affectionate
And it's overflowing with love
This is the heart that I know
Darling, I realise my mistake and I need you
So please tell me to come home
And let me cling to you
Let me cling to the one that I love

No other girl can substitute for you
Please let me return to the love I left behind
And let me stay with you
Let me stay with the heart that I know
Darling, take me to Shangri-La,
For you know that I belong to you
I belong to the heart that I know


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