Heart of Democracy

Fri, 05/25/2018 - 11:07 -- KD5052

A vein and an artery run through our democracy

One blue, one red

But so ineffective they might as well be dead.

It is plain for all to see

That they fail to act cooperatively.

On the contrary they prefer to defer responsibility

To maintain their game of eternal bickering.

They filibuster and refuse to use cloture

As the light of Democracy is flickering

on the verge of extinguishing forever.

Yet they continue to fight, reading green eggs and ham

Instead of making functional laws for our land.

We are left with flaws in hand and a useless band

Of corrupt, conceited, and too well treated buffoons

Who care little for the true tunes of reform that looms

In the burning streets, broken glass, and upset classes

Of society.


Yet this government by the people

Is just as reluctant to release an incumbent they despise.

So mistakes are abundant and redundant and anyone with eyes

Could see this just isn’t working.

Our political heart works in stutters and starts

Because party plotting causes blood clotting.

To stop the clotting just pick a new winner

It’s the most effective blood thinner.

But rather than take some simple medicine,

Readily available in every election,

The people sit and complain of the political game.

Parties and people are the bane

Of themselves


This poem is about: 
My country


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