Heart of a Champion

Two hits in the face, a blow to the head, and down I fall

It's not over and I know that but your body is saying otherwise

I get back up, slowly but surely not knowing how many more punches I can take

The funny thing is I are willing to find out just how many more

Two shouts of  "You will never make it in this world." and "Hahaha, you can never become a doctor"

Anger rushing through my body, wanting to punch a wall, instead I smile and keep going

Heart of a champion, that's what I have

No matter who says I cannot do this and I cannot do that I strive to get closer to my goal, never stopping

No matter how many times I get knoced down, I get back up, ready for more

I push my self harder and harder every day 

I replay those diminishing words in my head and go even harder, push a little more

My dedication and aspiration to reach my goals only incresases that much more

The more I hear the word "cannot" the more I tell myself  "I can"

The more people doubt me the more I believe in myself

The more people are against me the more I support myself

Heart of a champion, that's what I have

Nobody can take away my ambition

Nobody can stop my drive

Nobody can knock me down and expect me not to get up

No matter how many times my back is against the wall I WILL prevail

I WILL come out on top and I WILL remain strong

Heart of a champion, that's what I have!


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