Heart broken

I looked into your eyes ocean blue

Maybe you were the calm before the storm

You shipwrecked my mind

Stabbed me from behind

No hate lost

No love found

Flattening my hopes like the plains


I remember in my love dream

We were a team

But when I woke up

I felt like I was alone

In this massive cyclone

Battling it on my own

Like paying the bank a loan

And still at the moment

I feel the  torment


You were the wind beneath my cape

The wine from the grape

I thought you were my save

But now for all what I gave

You tied me in chains

And made me your slave

When you made yourself proud

You angered the clouds

And I felt their showers of angers

Right here on the ground


I was at the boarder of madness

When I lost you

I felt like I was losing my mind

I felt like a kite in a hurricane

Or like when love makes you blind

And you're walking without a white cane

Each time I try to push you away

I feel your presence everyday

I tried to move on

Now I think that feeling is gone


Watching you go away

Is as painful in my heart

As watching the sunset go down

Knowing light has been shed off

And darkness is knocking on the door

Waiting for an opportunity to budge in


Now what I have left

Is me and my broken heart

All for one 

One for all

I know it doesn't feel right

But I've kept myself tight

Time to heal my wounded heart

Moving on from this misery

Putting on a banana smile 

Loving again with passion

So that I can feel fruitful again

This poem is about: 
Our world



Next I'm writing a love poem lol

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