The heart breaks

 The breaking of the heart is the most painful when you think you've found the one, then they just walk our or your life like you were never nothing. The heart breaks when you lose someone you loved with your whole heart.  And it feels like it's been torn out. But the thing about heartbreak is the pain slowly fades. But never fully dissapears. The little but of fear of getting hurt again will follow you forever. Makes you, so you don't get that much closer to someone who could really be the one. Makes you trust a little less and over think a little more. Makes it so you wake up at 2am trying to catch your breath because you're in so much pain and there's tears running down your face. It makes it so that you never get a full night sleep cause you're up worrying about that person who left you. That person you thought would be your forever.  You're up worrying about them when they've probably already forgotten that you even existed.  They spread rumours about you that aren't true, they turn all your friends on you, they make you feel like you're worth nothing. And it really sucks.


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