Heart Break

My soul aches from the pain,
Of loosing you, my father, today.
My day is gloomier than the rain
That decides to forever stay.
My eyes are swollen up from shedding more tears
Than I ever had in recent years.
"Why why?" I shout in anger
Wanting to demand an answer.
That night I sneaked away outside
Upon my noble steed I ride.
On and on,
All night long,
Until my mare grew weary,
From my hot, white fury.
I collapsed right on the grass
Like an old, gross rotten carcass.
My chest heaved in much bitter sorrow
Knowing I shan't see you tomorrow.
A gentle breeze kissed my face,
And my then heart began to race.
I leaned to look inside the pool
And there I saw me, the fool.
My reflection there, and also more
Much more than what I wore.
You were there and then I saw
What made my heart begin to thaw.
Your smile, so happy and gay
Turned my dreary night to day.
I vowed then, to myself
That I will never stuff you up a shelf.
Here, inside me you will stay,
Never to be sent away.


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