I hope everything is well and it’ll stays yours

I hope  this fire doesn’t burn you oh Lord

I just want to go around the world

And with you by my side we can do a lot more


Can’t promise we’ll make it through the dark nights fencing on guard

You knocked me out cold but it couldn’t be as cold as my heart

Seeing stars wake up in a room where there’s bars jail no hell it doesn’t matter where you are

You seeing this I hold all the cards my own no queen no king but ace I will draw


Blood stains on the wall there closing in

Hi I’m Jeremiah but you can call Mr. Adrenaline

Rush from a crush not doing that again

Most have a fake smile it’s in a devil's’ grin hidden within


Please  excuse the interruption  love and life  is unfair

They say the first thing is in the air the second is a death stare

Into the abyss of love bottomless pit of despair

This reminds of dreaming about a nightmare


Is being awake in someone else dream see what I did there ?

Flow so cold but unknown dream street reminiscing

I like to wear my headphones but I seldomly listen

To the voices that shut me out and ignore this vision


But something’s always missing need to focus on giving

No need for repentance very driven no need for anybody’s opinion  

If the jury makes the right decision I could be home by next  Christmas

But now I’m writing the beginning of my benediction


You knocked me out cold but it couldn’t be as cold as the earth

I just want to make everything perfect that’s what you deserve

It all comes down to this I hope you’re not afraid of the dark

I just want you to have a home right inside my heart


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