From the Heart


United States
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Rhythm, beat, meter, rules.
Why are poems dictated by schools?
If it is my expression, why am I graded?
It is, as if, my mind was raided.

A+, B, C+, D.
Grades are for homework, not poetry.
Do not try to put your school rules on to my back.
It’s not because of the brains you lack.

Passion, love, creativity.
Poems are much more than symmetry.
It may start as just sitting and starting to write.
Then your thoughts start to soar like a kite.

Begin, start, commence, go.
If you never try, you’ll never know.
Just pick up a pencil, and go sit in your nook.
Then write down your heart in your notebook.

One beat, two, three beats, four.
Poetry always can be much more.
No matter what will happen, remember this part,
Poetry only comes from the heart.


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