Hear my roar

I've been the one you push over.
The one you take for granted .
The one who bites her tongue.
And holds her breathe.
Scared to break the norm I thought this was.
But now it's time.
Time to speak up.
To be brave and stand up for me.
Wasted time waiting for a hero.
Time to save myself. 
You're gonna hear my roar. 
Went from your rug you step over. 
To a lion who doesn't hold back. 
Time for you to hear my roar. 
You're words have hurt me enough.
You've pushed me past the breaking point.
I've been the backlash of you're lack of love. 
I forgot I had the choice. 
But it stops here.
It stops now. 
I will speak up.
I've held back enough because of fear.
But now it's time to set myself free.
I'm a butterfly who deserves to be freed. 
A butterfly with the roar of a lion! 
Time to say what I want to say.
I won't hold back.
If I fall, I'll get back up 
And I'll be louder.
Because you're gonna hear my roar. 
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