Hear me, Find me


Please god read this, you know who you are.

Our numbers are multiplying, I feel it in my bones.

I search for you everywhere, keeping my energies high,

Like a beacon so you'll see me.


We are speakers, readers, seers.

To us, those words mean completely different things.

We are strong, and getting stronger.

I know you need help, and I just want to give it to you, just let me.


You don't need to be afraid, you aren't alone.

I will help you, talk to you,

I'm right here.


We can build, and come together to find our strength,

We can stop hiding in the shadows, and in plain sight.


This is why I write, why I breathe, why I go out at all.

You'll see me, hear me, find me.



Need to talk?

If you ever need help or support, we trust CrisisTextline.org for people dealing with depression. Text HOME to 741741