Hear Me

Part you heart and bleed for me,

let me know this pain will pass.

If not envelop me with your love,

for if you don't I doubt I shall last.


My heart if failing slowly now,

I need some parts of yours.

Let us interchange some parts,

then perhaps I'll last a few more scores.


I pray that you will hear my cry-

Silent as it may be.

I believe even if I were to scream and shout,

you'd have to want to actually hear me.  


Please, part your heart and bleed for me,

for then I'll know you care.

I am sorry to say I can't believe you now

In truth, people that might love a thing like me are so very rare


This pain will not pass, I know that now.

You will not bleed.

It is alright, I understand

Just ignore me though I may plead.

Your guilt now is freed. 

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