Healthy Relationships

Such a touchy word;
Made are many misconceptions
Anytime it is heard

Most associate it
With love between two sexes
With lust between two sexes
So I will explain it:

Relationships involve the heart
The mind
The soul
They are powered by love which is not jealous
Which is not false
Which is not cold

Relationships are a bond
Such as with friend... lover... family member
Of whom you are fond
Of whom is fond of you

A healthy relationship
Is that which is full of love
When parties involved are there
Through good times and bad

A relationship is rich
When the love is at a pitch
When one empowers the other
When all parties involved
Do not poison one another

The love involved
Is genuine
And kind
The people involved
Are loving
Not toxic
And so hard to find

Pure people these days
Are such a rarity
When you have a healthy relationship with someone
Appreciate them and love them dearly
Even more
Because no one is ever here

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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