A Healthy Love


United States

When I fall in love I want it to be free, I don't want it to cost me a thing. 

I hope when I fall in love it feels like a summer breeze, I pray that I fall in love with a love

that loves me for me. I feel like love doesn't have to be with another person, I can fall in love 

with many things so easily, I rather cause its safe to fall in love with a hobby because it won't leave.

Love comes in different shapes and sizes, love requires one thing, patience. Love for me is my vision,

that is one love that I would be ashamed to let leave. Love is self, never give up on self, love is art that understands me.

I hope that love feels the same way that jazz music sounds, I desire a love that I can run a business with. I hope I find a love that works as hard as me,

I think I am my love.

Loving yourself is the key to finding true love.


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