Healing Tears

I was terrified to fall for you,

I saw so much radiance and more beauty than I have ever seen in myself.

Everyone gets bored of me, but you were fascinated

And you caught me.

We learn something new from each other every day,

something new to love.

You speak with eloquence, tall shoulders and a smile.

My heart hurts when you cry,

But even when you do, you’re the most beautiful creature,

Your tall frame crumpled

with sparkling dew drops trickling down that angular face.

So vulnerable and trusting,

I would never hurt you or

think less of your emotions overflowing,

I don’t even pity, just try to understand.

I apologize if I pry.

Holding you in my arms is so reassuring,

And wiping your tears

You’re still my closest thing to heaven.

The darkness slinks away when your light emits

and your sunrise smile emerges again,

Everything was worth it.






Males are usually conditioned to not display their emptions. This work is about my partner and I being open to eachother and expressing our emotions. I am grateful to have someone in my life that is also there for me at my worst and giving the moral support one needs is an act of unconditional love. #BecauseIloveyou, I will be there to comfort you.

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