Healing Poem

Ever Sat And Thought To Yourself Like When Will I Really Heal?

Sitting Thinking When Will These Deep Wounds Start Not To Feel Real.

You See All These Deep Wounds We Carry Come From Somewhere

Sometimes we even sit and think that healing is unfair. 

Unfair because 9/10 where healing from things people put us through.

So Now We’re Forced To Sit Back & Review

You See Healing Is Tricky it has us thinking beforehand we wished we knew what we were getting our selves into.

You See Some Situations Will never be easy to overcome 

Some Situations are hard to come from because it has us either numb or dumb thinking we’re these mood switches are coming from 

Those Are Just Some Negative Impacts On Healing 

Some Positive things that come from healing is loving yourself more & soon you’ll see yourself achieving

Achieving is a feeling you’ll feel when healing from something comes to an end.

While healing it’s important to stay true to yourself and never pretend 

Sometimes you just have to sit down & play with it,cry with it and try to comprehend.

Comprehend that everything happens for a reason & never take yourself in offend 

Find peace or even just talk to a friend 

We are individuals & healing is not a task but a process

Comparison does not help the next get them to where they need to be. 

We are all different in how we make our progress 

So next time healing tries to sneak up on you & isn’t going your way 

Healing is an opportunity benefit from it

Healing is beauty admire it

Healing is a challenge meet it

Healing is a duty complete it

And healing is a struggle accept it.🦋

This poem is about: 
Our world


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